The Get Smart Program
To execute the mission of B.L.I.N.G. we have developed The Get Smart Program. This is a six- month curriculum consisting of a series of exclusive workshops concentrating on the development of leadership skills and goal setting. The program uses a three-tiered approach for delivering and reinforcing the tools needed to demonstrate leadership and thrive in a professional setting.  All of our workshops are conducted by business leaders who have expertise in their field and a passion for helping youth. 

Curriculum Overview
Foundation Module

The program begins with three foundational workshops that are the prerequisite to all other activities in the series. In these core workshops, our participants focus on identifying their strengths and aspirations, visualizing and documenting their dreams, and creating a plan that transforms their dreams into actionable goals. We call this process the Personal Path. This process creates clarity so participants know exactly what they need to move forward in their academic and professional journey.
Core Module

After the foundation is laid, the program continues with several core workshops that offer training in personal and professional development, key life skills and provides the tools participants will use to implement their Personal Path.  The workshops are structured according to age group and place emphasis on developing poised, self-confidant and socially responsible young leaders.

Capstone Experience

Finally, we assist our most senior participants in structuring and executing a final project called the Capstone Experience. This unique practicum provides a real-world experience that is created by and tailored to each participant’s needs, and is the first step in putting their Personal Path into action.